Tampa Bay Automobile Museum Collection
Gerin Prototype
Country: France
Production Years: 1925
Production: Prototype

Designed by the young Jacques Gerin, the Aerodyne is a prototype mid-engined saloon car which marked a significant departure from other vehicles of its day. Long, low and narrow, its organic contours are determined by a space frame of super-elliptical duralumin hoops and ribs mated up to a structural Alpax floor.

 The front wheels and suspension are fully enclosed units. The headlights of the car followed the front wheels, always positioning themselves on the road ahead. The complete engine and associated assemblies are designed to be removed quickly and easily, which would have made for unfathomably simple maintenance, repairs and engine swaps.

Jacques Gerin was a big player in the aeronautical industry, holding numerous patents for aircraft designs. In fact, the Aerodyne’s armature style construction shares much in common with aircraft designs of the time. Its curvilinear design speaks to the aeronautical advancements made by the young Jacques Gerin.

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