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Hanomag Kommissbrot
Country: Germany
Production Years: 1925-1928
Number Produced: 16,000

The “Kommisbrot” (a German nickname which means a loaf of military bread) was designed by two young Engineers who had no previous automobile experience. They sold their prototype and drawings to Hanomag, a powerful German Company that specialized in locomotives and large engines.

F. Bohlet and C. Pollich were hired at the same time by Hanomag. Pollich would later become Technical Manager of the automobile department. In the 20s and 30s there were many projects for rear engine automobiles but few advanced to the production stage aside from Rumpler, Daimler Benz (130H and 170H) and Tatra.

The 16,000 Kommisbrots represent at least two thirds of the prewar production. After the war, millions of cars were be manufactured by Volkswagen, Renault, Hillman, Fiat, etc. It was the first "people's car" with a rear engine. 












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