Tampa Bay Automobile Museum Collection
Oldsmobile Toronado
Country: United States
Production Years: 1966-1992
Engine: 385 hp V8

The 1966 Toronado was revolutionary for GM and the American automobile industry. There was nothing that looked like it, drove like it, or was built like it. At the time, it was the world's most powerful front-wheel-drive car.

The V8 engine was longitudinally-mounted, but the transmission was "folded" on itself: the gearbox and short tailshaft were mounted beside the torque converter, and connected by a "Hy-Vo" chain, especially designed or the Toronado. The chains were run-in and pre-stretched before installation, eliminating the need for a tensioner or an idler.

The front of the Toronado, with its horizontal bars and hidden headlights, evokes its FWD predecessor, the 1936-37 Cords.

The powertrain can be removed as a unit. GM referred to it as the "Unitized Power Package", or UPP. The UPP was later used by other GM vehicle lines, and by the GM motorhomes.

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