Father’s Day was yesterday, and the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum had a lot of visitors for the 2022 holiday. The museum was running a special for families to celebrate the occasion: five dollars for dads. There were many families that came out and visited, making it one very busy weekend for the museum. It was an exciting time for everyone; we loved being able to make new memories for families and give a little insight into our expansive collection of automobiles.

Overall, we had over 300 visitors come and visit us this past weekend. It was an honor being able to host so many families and fathers for their special day and make some lasting memories for them along the way. We hope to have everyone back again soon, thank you for visiting us this 2022 Father’s Day weekend. For more updates on the museum, visit us on Facebook and Instagram.

2022 Father's Day Weekend 2022 Father's Day Weekend 2022 Father's Day Weekend