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Production Years: 1935 -1939
Country: Great Britain
Number Produced: 3,000

BSA began in June 1861 in the Gun Quarter, Birmingham, England. It was formed by a group of fourteen gunsmith members of the Birmingham Small Arms Trade Association specifically to manufacture guns by machinery.

BSA produced its first prototype automobile in 1907. The next 33 years were a roller coaster of finance, mergers and innumerable attempts at automobile manufacturing success.In 1912, BSA would be one of two automobile manufacturers pioneering the use of all-steel bodies, joining Hupmobile in the US

The 1938 Series 6 featured a new 12 volt electrical system and Bendix cable braking to all four wheels. The front wheel drive transmission is the same as the one on the three wheelers but the engine is a more conventional side valve, 1,204 c.c. water cooled, 4 cylinder, and of course there is a fourth wheel.

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