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1920s Mystery Race Car

Production Years



United States

Number Produced



Harry Miller

The 1920s "MIMILLE" Mystery Car represents a captivating piece of automotive history, possibly standing as the inaugural Miller front-wheel-drive prototype, a precursor to the iconic Indy car. Spanning from 1924 to 1929, Harry Miller played a pivotal role in designing, constructing, and supplying components for 15 front-wheel-drive race cars in the United States. Concurrently, Hamlin produced another front-wheel-drive variant, distinct in design. Our enigmatic front-wheel-drive race car, crafted in the twenties, constitutes one of only 17 such vehicles produced in America.

The car's origin sparks speculation, adding an air of mystery to its intriguing history. Powered by a Ford Model A engine paired with a Roof Cyclone head featuring large 2-inch diameter overhead intake valves and two Winfield race carburetors, both dating back to 1929. Notably, the front axle and suspension design mirror Miller's distinctive style, incorporating a De Dion axle, four quarter-elliptic springs, and double Hooke's joints for constant velocity. The chassis, potentially repurposed from a rear-wheel-drive race car, showcases a curved rear axle to lower the driver's seat. The "MIMILLE" Mystery Car stands as a rare and evocative artifact from a transformative era in American racing history.

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