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Production Years

1934- 1939



Number Produced




The 1937 Citroën 7CV stands as a testament to André Citroën's unwavering determination to innovate, even during challenging economic times. Launched in 1934, the 7CV 'Traction Avant' was a groundbreaking model that revolutionized automotive engineering. The “7” was the first new front-wheel-drive car made available to the public by Citroën, marking a milestone in production car design and manufacturing—a template used by today's highest volume and most advanced cars.

By 1937, the bugs were ironed out, showcasing the car's exceptional stability, durability, and superb handling. Under the hood, the 7CV housed a four-cylinder engine, starting with a 1,303cc capacity and later succeeded by larger versions like the 7C (1,628cc) and the 11CV (1,911cc). In 1938, the 15 model with a 2.9-liter 'six' expanded the lineup. It featured unitary construction, front-wheel drive, all-independent suspension, hydraulic brakes, and a four-cylinder, overhead-valve, wet-liner engine. The design boasted a rakish new low-slung silhouette with an almost spartan finish, with a Midnight blue body and black fenders.

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