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Citroen Comotor Wankel Twin Rotor, Hydropneumatic Suspension, Steering and Brakes

Production Years: 1973 -1975
Country: France
Number Produced: 847

Engineered by Felix Wankel

Designed by Robert Opron, the GS debuted in 1970 with the expected advanced Citroen styling, comfort and engineering. The beautiful silhouette produced an unmatched at the time, 0.31 drag coefficient which allowed the top 66 hp version of the air-cooled flat four to gradually reach 100 mph.

The NSU-Citroen Comotor project resulted in the Wankel powered GS in 1973 with the hope that the revolutionary compact 107 HP would address acceleration while keeping engine displacement below the critical 2 liter tax threshold. Top speed increased and acceleration to 60 improved by 3 seconds to 10.2 in spite of a 400 lb weight increase. Unsolvable high fuel consumption at the start the Arab oil embargo was an issue. The price also increased substantially and was the same as the larger DS model and 70% higher than the standard GS. Excessive development costs contributed to the bankruptcies of NSU and Citroen and in 1975 Peugeot S.A. took over Citroen and brought the Birotor project to an abrupt halt, attempting to buy back and scrap all 847 cars. Our Birotor is a rare survivor.