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Production Years: 1969-1975
Country: France
Number Produced: 12,920

Engineered by Robert Opron

After 6 years of production (1969-1975) only 12,920 SM’s had been built, and unsurprisingly, there was no replacement. Citroen was never one to follow conventional wisdom and powered this beautiful GT with a Maserati 2.7 Liter, 4 cam Aluminum V6 engine and the Citroen 5-speed gate controlled manual transmission. ​ The SM has Citroen’s driver adjustable hydro-pneumatic suspension, which also powers the inboard front disc brakes, and the DIRAVI Adaptive, speed sensitive, self centering power steering. ​ The unmatched style, engineering and driving experience earned the SM the 1972 Motor Trend Car of the Year. The Maserati derived 60 degree V6 was an engineering marvel, though prone to timing chain problems. The top speed was reported to be 137 mph.

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