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1956 CLAVEAU 56


Production Years: 1956
Country: France
Number Produced: 1

This car is a prototype designed by Emile Claveau and presented at the Paris Auto Show in 1956. The engine is a two stroke 3 cylinder from DKW, coupled with a four-speed gearbox. It is a unibody with four independent wheels. Rubber rings nested in each other provide the suspension; they were called “Anneaux Neiman” and were installed with success on bikes and scooters. The car was exhibited, but never tested. In fact, the gas tank was never even installed. A French collector, Doctor Jeanson, rescued the Claveau from a salvage yard and it was later purchased by our museum. After restoration and the addition of a gas tank, the Claveau was finally driven, 50 years after being introduced at the Paris Auto Show.

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