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Production Years: 1909– 1910
Country: UNKNOWN
Number Produced: Unknown

Built in 1909 and bodied by Hewers Car Bodies Ltd of Coventry, ‘H 6779’ is the oldest known complete example of the Knight sleeve valve-engined Daimler. Originally, this form of power unit had been first exhibited by the British manufacturer in September 1908. Indeed, Daimler were so impressed by the quietness of the Knight engine that they dropped all poppet-valve models at the end of 1908. For 1909, it was sleeve valves only with three models in the range: a 22hp four-cylinder and two sixes of 33hp and 56hp respectively (although referred to as of 22hp, the TB22 averaged 38.8 H.P. during RAC testing).

Our car is of great rarity; only two other incomplete examples of the TB22 are located in Australia. Additionally, this is the earliest example and only complete TB22 known. As one of,  if not the first of Daimler’s first Knight-engined models, this vehicle is of some considerable historical significance.

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