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1929 CORD L29


Production Years: 1929
Country: United States
Number Produced: 5,010

Harry Miller and Cornelius Van Ranst designed mid-engine front wheel drive system. Lycoming inline 8 cylinder, 3-speed transmission, inboard hydraulic brakes and hydraulic shock absorbers. The Cord L29 and the Ruxton were the first two production American front wheel drive cars offered to the public in 1929. As a motorsports enthusiast, E.L Cord was impressed with the performance and durability of Harry Miller’s front-wheel drive race cars and purchased the passenger car rights in 1926. Development and testing by Cornelius VanRanst and Fred Duesenberg brought the L29 to market a few months ahead of Ruxton. Built in Auburn, IN  L29’s are known for their lovely low-slung styling as well as good handling. The original cost in 1929 was $3,095-$3,295 with about 4400 sold. Of the 300 remaining L29’s only 8 Broughams are known to exist.