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1933 DERBY V8


Production Years: 1933
Country: France
Number Produced: 10

Duval body with 2 Liter LeMans V8, front-wheel drive, driver adjustable brake and suspension settings. Derby was a French company that manufactured sports cars and race cars from 1920 through 1936. From 1920 to 1930, its cars were conventional with proprietary engines from Ruby, Scap and Chapius Dornier. Derby cars were very successful, amongst engines less than 2 litres with their racing cycle cars and voiturettes. After Derby’s engineer Monsieur Montet died, the company was bought by William Hawkes, an English racecar driver. Production of the Derby was limited to 10, with different body styles. Our Derby, VIN 803, has a roadster body called “Montlhery”. This car was driven by Gwenda Stewart in the 1934 Monte Carlo Rally. This particular Derby was lost during the Second World War and was later saved by the museum of La Rochetaille. ​ In the 1950’s Lepicard and his friend Monsieur Veniard bought this car and changed the engine block for one of the engines mounted on a LeMans car from 1934. Otherwise, the car is original including its body. This is the only surviving Derby V8.

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