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Production Years: 1902-1934
Country: United States
Number Produced: approx. 150,000

One of three remaining, our 1917 Franklin 9A, hand crafted in Syracuse , New York, features an air cooled, inline 6 cylinder designed by John Wilkinson. With an ash wood frame and aerodynamic aluminum body, this car weighs 2745 pounds, about half of the weight of its competitors. This model was well known for its comfort, great handling, reliability, and fuel economy (40.3 miles to the gallon).

The combination of the large windows and the slanting V front glass gives a breadth of vision unmatched on other enclosed cars.

Front seats are Pullman type, which are adjustable fore and aft, tilt forward and turn on a swivel. Access to all seats is through had through the wide center door on each side.

1917 Franklin 9A Videos

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