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Production Years: 1922
Country: United States
Number Produced: Unknown

Engineered by Karl Probst

The Electric Horseless Carriage.  Final evolution of the early American All Electric Car.


The Milburn is a very good late example of the first generation of electric cars, produced by the Milburn Wagon Company between 1915 and 1923. These cars were known for their quiet, clean, and stylish design, making them popular, especially among women. Despite their appeal, they had limited range (60 miles) and speed (30 miles per hour) and were expensive, costing over ten times more than a Ford Model T.

With 14 new deep cycle batteries weighing in at over 900 pounds, our Milburn was a recent participant in the Pebble Beach Road Tour featuring Early American Electric Cars.


The Tampa Bay Automobile's team rejuvenated the vehicle's appearance by repainting the body to match its original form.