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Production Years: 1920s
Country: United States

Number Produced: 1

This race car could be the very first Miller front wheel drive, a prototype leading to the Indy car. ​ From 1924 to 1929, Harry Miller was involved with the design, construction and supply of components for 15 front wheel drive race cars in the United States. Another front wheel drive, of a different design, was made by Hamlin. ​ Our front wheel drive race car, made in the twenties, was one of a total production of 17 front wheel drive race cars in America.


The origin of our car is open to speculation. ​ The engine is a Ford Model A with a roof Cyclone head (large, 2 inch diameter, overhead intake valves) and two Winfield race carburetors. The engine and head are from 1929. ​ The design of the front axle and suspension is typical from Miller with a De Dion axle, 4 quarter elliptic springs and double Hooke’s joints creating constant velocity. The rear axle is curved to lower the driver’s seat as the chassis probably originated from a rear wheel drive race car.

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