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Production Years: 1934-1939
Country: France
Number Produced: 103

Engineered by Emile Darl'Mat

Emile Darl'Mat was a Peugeot dealer in Paris. The Eclipse was a hard top convertible with the top being swallowed by the trunk, designed in the early 1930s for Peugeot Automobiles.  His next idea was to propose a light body sports car with the chassis and engine made by Peugeot. This car would be serviced by the Peugeot network and sold at a reasonable price.


Paulin designed the aluminum body and Pourtout, a very well-known French coach builder, was responsible for production. The engine was tuned by Peugeot and mounted on a short chassis. Four models were available: a roadster, a convertible, a coupe, and a race car almost identical to the roadster. All 3 Darl'Mats entered at Le Mans in 1937 finished in the top ten. In 1938 these 2-liter cars finished the race first in class and fifth and eighth place overall.


Endurance racing ready with the twin-carb 1,991 c.c. 4 cylinder and the Cotal Electro-mechanically shifted 4 speed manual transmission. Our roadster was delivered on the 29th of October in 1937 to a Mr. Kacher from Valence. His whereabouts were unknown; the car, impounded by the Parisian police, was bought at auction in 1957 by Alain Cerf. The restoration was carefully executed to respect the original.