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Gerin Aerodyne Restoration Update #1

The original nose that was designed did not curve out, thus not accurately depicting Gerin’s drawings for the Aerodyne. Therefore, Steven made the decision to redo this body piece, and it has made a world of difference in helping the flow of the vehicle’s body. Another thing that Steven has been working on for the Aerodyne is manufacturing the gauge panel for the inside of the automobile. After the vehicle is painted, more of the interior will continue to be assembled. Overall, as the Gerin Aerodyne stands now, the car should be ready to paint in about 3-4 weeks. Steven has been meticulously combing over each body panel to ensure they are smooth and accurate to Gerin’s drawings. We’re excited on the progress of the Gerin Aerodyne made thus far, and are even more excited looking at the steps ahead. We hope to see the Gerin Aerodyne finished up very soon so we can show this magnificent engineering work to the public


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