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Kübelwagen at 12th Annual Air Cooled Beach Bash

We were excited to showcase our 1943 Kübelwagen at the recent annual VW beach event. Its historic military background and vintage design drew attention, adding a unique touch to the event. Such gatherings provide a great opportunity for our museum to share automotive history with a broader audience.

Celebrating Classic Cars by the Shore

The 12th Annual Air Cooled Beach Bash at Pass-a-Grille Beach was a delightful gathering of vintage Volkswagen and Porsche enthusiasts against the picturesque backdrop of St. Pete Beach. This laid-back event, held adjacent to the Hurricane Seafood Restaurant, offered attendees a chance to revel in the beauty of classic automobiles while supporting worthy causes like Tampa Bay Watch and Sea Turtle Trackers.

A Highlight Among Classics: The Kübelwagen

Amidst the array of air-cooled wonders, one particular gem stood out—the 1942 Kübelwagen Type 82, brought to the event by the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum. This meticulously restored vehicle, with its historic military background and distinctive Rommel blazon, drew admirers and history buffs alike.

Unveiling History: The Kübelwagen's Story

Originally designed as a recreational vehicle by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche and his son Ferry, the Kübelwagen underwent a transformation during World War II. Evolving into a rugged military vehicle, it became an indispensable asset for the German armed forces, renowned for its simplicity, reliability, and off-road prowess.

Exploring the Kübelwagen

Our Kübelwagen, manufactured in 1943 and restored to its former glory, embodies the spirit of innovation and resilience of its time. Its doorless design, bucket seating, and lightweight construction reflect an era where functionality trumped luxury, making it an enduring symbol of automotive history.

Discover More

To learn more about the Kübelwagen and its storied past, visit the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum's website. Explore our collection of meticulously preserved vehicles, each with its own unique story to tell.

Gratitude and Looking Forward

As we bid farewell to another successful VW Beach Bash, we extend our gratitude to all participants, supporters, and fellow enthusiasts who made this event possible. Until next year, may the spirit of camaraderie and appreciation for vintage automobiles continue to thrive in our community.

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