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1961 Deutsch-Bonnet Le Mans Restoration

One standout aspect of the 1961 Deutsch-Bonnet Le Mans is its Fiberglass body, the painting method used for these types of vehicles is challenging and time-consuming due to the extensive amount of preparation needed. This process not only highlights the evolving craftsmanship of the era but also adds a touch of elegance to the vehicle.

However, a recent repaint initially undertaken had to be redone to match the exact original shade, adding complexity and extending the timeline that the museum set for itself. This setback underscores the meticulous restoration process, prioritizing accuracy and authenticity over speed.

The sharp edges along the sides of the Deutsch-Bonnet Le Mans add an extra layer of complexity to the process. Nonetheless, the dedication to perfection ensures that every curve and line of this classic beauty is restored to its original glory.

Some finer details, like locating weather strips matching the exact shape and measurements of the originals, are still pending. Given the rarity of most vehicles in our museum, finding their parts proves challenging, requiring a substantial amount of research to identify the exact components needed.

As final details such as the dashboard, vinyl, and carpet await completion. The Deutsch-Bonnet Le Mans is set to be showcased in the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum, serving as a timeless exhibit that shows the dedication invested in preserving automotive history.


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