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Production Years: 1929-1930
Country: United States
Number Produced: <100 

Engineered by Joseph V. Ledwinka, William T. Muller

The only of four prototypes in this Joseph Urban coordinated interior/exterior color design. Continental inline 8 cylinder with split transmission front-wheel drive. Legendary among classic American cars, the Ruxton was only produced for a brief time. The car was designed by William J. Muller, an engineer for the Budd Corporation. The company was famous for manufacturing welded, pressed steel bodies for automobiles, railway cars and aircraft. Less than 100 of the front wheel drive Ruxtons were produced. This car was the first produced and delivered to Canada. The multi-colored ‘mahogany’ paint scheme and other details were dictated with great accuracy by Gretl Urban, daughter of and assistant to decorative art designer and architect Joseph Urban, who designed the paint scheme. The original fabric came from Schumacher of New York, who supplied us with an identical design for our restoration.

Ruxton Documents
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