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Production Years: 1938-1951
Country: France
Number Produced: 1,300

Émile Salmson, an engineer, began building pumps and small engines in Paris, France, in 1890. Salmson was very well known in earlier times for radial plane engines and later for small “cyclecars” with a respected dual overhead cam engine. The firm was a very early and prolific builder of airplane engines, then complete airplanes, during WWI. After the war, production expanded into automobile manufacturing. Their first product was a British-designed GN cyclecar, built under license. In 1920 Salmson began production of its first proper car, the model AL. Salmson was an early adopter of production automobile double overhead cam (DOHC) engines, in 1922. 

The most popular model, the S4E, was built between 1938 and 1951, although production was suspended during WWII. Our S4E convertible was built in 1950. The engine, from 1952, is made of aluminum with DOHC, a Cotal electromechanical gearbox and torsion bars for the independent front suspension. This is a modern driving car with excellent handling and performance.

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