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Production Years: 1946-1950
Country: France
Number Produced: 91

The 1947 Talbot-Lago Record, a distinctive automobile of its time, boasts a unique 4.5-liter Inline 6-cylinder twin-cam overhead valve engine equipped with 2 Zenith carburetors, generating a robust 170 horsepower at 4,200 RPM. Surprisingly, despite the car's weight, it achieves a remarkable speed of 170 km/h.


Between 1946 and 1950, the Talbot-Lago Record emerged as the preferred mode of transportation for French politicians, directors, diplomats, and prominent personalities. Among the various Record models produced, only 91 were 5-passenger sedans, making this 1947 model a rare find. Originally built in 1947, it received its first title from the French Prefecture of Police in 1950 and was previously owned by the Consulate General of France.


The 1947 Talbot-Lago Record, with its limited production of 480 cars across all models, reflects the post-war economic challenges and material shortages that influenced manufacturing during that era. This exceptional vehicle stands as a testament to the automotive innovation and luxury favored by notable figures in post-war France.

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