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Jean Rédélé


Jean Rédélé was a pioneering French automobile engineer and entrepreneur, best known for founding Automobiles Alpine, a manufacturer renowned for its innovative sports cars. Born on May 17, 1922, in Dieppe, France, Rédélé's passion for cars and racing was evident from a young age. He initially started his career as a garage owner and Renault dealer, which provided him with an intimate understanding of car mechanics and sales.

Rédélé's venture into automobile manufacturing was driven by his passion for motorsport. He achieved significant success in racing, particularly with modified Renaults. Inspired by his experiences on the track, he founded Automobiles Alpine in 1955. The name "Alpine" was chosen to commemorate his wins in the Coupe des Alpes, highlighting the cars' prowess in handling mountainous roads.

Alpine's first car, the A106, was based on Renault mechanicals, reflecting Rédélé's close relationship with Renault. This collaboration continued throughout his career, with Renault providing engines and chassis while Rédélé focused on designing lightweight, aerodynamic bodies and achieving exceptional performance.

One of Alpine's most iconic models, the A110, debuted in 1962. The A110 was celebrated for its agility, speed, and sleek design, embodying Rédélé's vision of combining aesthetics with performance. It went on to achieve considerable success in rally racing, most notably winning the first World Rally Championship in 1973.

Jean Rédélé's commitment to innovative design and engineering helped establish Alpine as a symbol of French motor racing success. Under his guidance, Alpine became synonymous with performance, elegance, and cutting-edge technology in sports car manufacturing.

Rédélé's legacy extends beyond his automobiles. His entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to excellence helped to promote French automotive engineering on a global stage. He remained active in the management of Alpine until it was fully integrated into Renault in the late 1970s. Jean Rédélé passed away on August 10, 2007, but left behind a lasting impact on the world of sports cars, remembered as a visionary who blended the art of car design with the thrill of racing.

Jean Rédélé
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