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The Pinnacle of Pre-War Engineering and Elegance

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Georges Paulin, Émile Darl'mat, Marcel Portout

The 1937 Peugeot Darl'Mat, envisioned by Émile Darl'Mat, a prominent Peugeot dealer in Paris, is a remarkable blend of innovation and accessibility. Originating from the earlier Eclipse design—an innovative hardtop convertible—the project evolved in the early 1930s. Darl'Mat's idea transformed into proposing a lightweight sports car where Peugeot provided the chassis and engine. This collaboration aimed to deliver a sporty, reasonably priced vehicle, supported by Peugeot's service network.

Crafted with an aluminum body designed by Paulin and executed by the renowned French coachbuilder Pourtout, the car housed a Peugeot-tuned engine on a short chassis. The Darl'Mat lineup featured four models: roadster, convertible, coupe, and a race car closely resembling the roadster. Impressively, all three Darl'Mats participating in the 1937 Le Mans race secured top-ten finishes. In 1938, these 2-liter cars dominated their class, achieving first place and securing fifth and eighth positions overall, showcasing their prowess in endurance racing. Tailored for endurance racing, the 1937 Peugeot Darl'Mat boasted a twin-carb 1,991 c.c. 4-cylinder engine and a Cotal Electro-mechanically shifted 4-speed manual transmission.

Our roadster was originally delivered on October 29, 1937, to a Mr. Kacher from Valence. However, his whereabouts remain unknown. The car, impounded by the Parisian police, was eventually purchased at auction in 1957 by Alain Cerf. The restoration process was meticulously undertaken to preserve the original character of the vehicle.

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