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1930 TATRA 26-30

All-Terrain Capability

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Hans Ledwinka

The 1930 Tatra 26-30 is a remarkable all-terrain vehicle, designed by the esteemed engineer Hans Ledwinka, and produced in Czechoslovakia. This vehicle was primarily used as a military conveyance for the Czech military during wartime, appreciated for its exceptional ability to navigate challenging terrains. The Tatra 26-30 features independent rear wheel suspension, a pioneering design that provided superior off-road capabilities and enhanced maneuverability.

In our collection, the Tatra 26-30 is configured with seating and a convertible top, highlighting its role in transporting officers and higher-level personnel. This configuration reflects its use in military operations where reliability and versatility were paramount. The vehicle is powered by an air-cooled boxer engine with a 1678cc capacity, generating 24hp, which ensured dependable performance in demanding field conditions.

The Tatra 26-30 is not only a vehicle of historical significance but also a testament to early 20th-century engineering excellence. Its robust design and advanced features made it a preferred choice for military operations, capable of enduring the rigors of wartime use. This particular model, preserved in our collection, showcases the ingenuity and practical design that Hans Ledwinka was known for.

1930 TATRA 26-30
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