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Prototype Police Car with All-Wheel Drive and Anti-Lock Brakes

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Great Britain

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Edsel Ford, John Tjaarda, Eugene Turenne Gregorie,Bob Koto

During the mid 1960s, Ferguson LTD was conducting research, design, testing and evaluation of All Wheel Drive systems for passenger cars. This, however, was not the only item of interest to Ferguson LTD. Ferguson was also interested in anti-lock braking systems, which arose from innovation in the aeronautical field. This prototype car, a 1968 Ford Zephyr, was one of the Ferguson vehicles used as proof of concept for AWD and ABS in automotive applications. There were a total of 22 AWD Zephyrs commissioned by the British Police. Today, only two of these cars exist. Ferguson LTD was also conducting these same types of tests with the Ford Mustang. One of the prototype AWD/ABS Mustangs also resides in our collection.

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