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First Production Two-Rotor with Rear-Wheel Drive Innovation

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Felix Wankel

The first Mazda Cosmo, also known as the 1105 in export models, marked Mazda's entry into the world of rotary engines. Launched in May 1967, the Cosmo stood shoulder to shoulder with the NSU Ro80 as one of the pioneering production cars featuring a 2-rotor Wankel engine. This amazing JDM sports car is an early example of Japanese innovation with the Felix Wankel rotary engine, following NSU's lead.

Full production started in May 1967 and lasted until 1972. However, Cosmo cars were handmade at a slow rate of about one per day. In July 1968, the Series II/L10B was introduced with improvements like a more powerful 128 hp (95 kW)/103 lb-ft (140 N-m) 0813 engine, power brakes, 15-inch wheels and a 5-speed manual transmission. The wheelbase was expanded by 15 inches for more space and a better ride. A total of 343 Series I cars and 833 Series II cars were made, and only a few Series II models were initially imported to the United States.

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