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1930 TATRA 26-30

Rugged All-Terrain Capability and Comfort

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Hans Ledwinka

The 1930 Tatra T26-30 served as a military conveyance for the Czech military during wartime, earning the preference of personnel for its independent rear wheel suspension, allowing it to navigate challenging terrains with ease. In our collection, this Tatra T26-30 is configured with seating and a convertible top, showcasing its role in transporting officers and higher-level personnel. The vehicle is powered by an air-cooled boxer engine, with 1678cc capacity and generating 24hp, providing reliability and performance on the field. A unique piece of history, our Tatra T26-30 stands as a testament to its military heritage and remains a fascinating addition to the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum.

1930 TATRA 26-30
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