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1938 TATRA 97

Cost efficient luxury delivered in advanced chassis and aerodynamic engineering

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Hans Ledwinka

In 1936, Tatra turned its focus to a smaller car than the T87 but following the same design philosophy. Deemed the T97, manufacturing began in 1938 but when Czechoslovakia was invaded by Germany on March 15th, 1939, Hitler ceased production. The T97 was too close to the Volkswagen, which was supposed to be available in Germany the very same year. The engine is an air cooled horizontally opposed four cylinder (boxer engine). Four wheel independent suspension, unibody construction, hydraulic brakes and rack and pinion steering. Efficiency and aerodynamics allowed 40 horsepower to achieve a top speed of 130 km/h or 81 miles per hour, in its time a great car. Only 510 cars were made and today this is a very rare automobile. Our Tatra T97 was restored to original condition by Roman Spacek in Koprivnice, the hometown of the Tatra Company.

1938 TATRA 97
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