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1909 Daimler Acquisition!

We have exciting news! Recently, one of our collectors, Olivier Cerf, found a 1909 Daimler Model TB22 Drophead and secured ownership. Daimler, a British car manufacturer, was the first company to implement Charles Yale Knight’s innovative sleeve-valve Knight engine concept. The two worked together to create a modified version of Knight’s vision, creating the ‘Silent Knight’ sleeve-valve engine. This engine was then put into Daimler models starting in 1909 and used by the company until the 1930s.

What’s interesting about this particular Daimler model is that it is the first Daimler car to utilize the Silent-Knight engine. In fact, it is believed that our model is the earliest example of the TB22 and the most complete example. Currently, only two other known examples are located in Australia, both incomplete.

Our newest acquisition utilizes a four-cylinder sleeve-valve engine making 22 horsepower, hence the ’22’ in the name ‘TB22.’ The body of our car was made by Hewers Car Bodies Ltd. of Coventry, but will need extensive restoration.

We are excited about our latest acquisition and the historical significance it has on the history of sleeve-valve engines. We will keep you updated on restoration progress and cannot wait to share with you the full history behind this car!

For more information about our 1909 Daimler Model TB22 Drophead, check out its collection page here. Additionally, for more history about the Daimler Company, check out its page on Wikipedia.


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