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Jean Sébastien Aprile: Vintage Poster Art Exhibit at the Tampa Bay Auto Museum Gallery Near St Pete, FL

Visit the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum, located near St. Pete, FL, to experience the breathtaking vintage posters and lithograph art exhibit. This exhibit features a collection of 20th-century lithographic posters by the illustrious Jean Sébastien Aprile. As one of the top cultural spots in the Tampa Bay area, the museum brings together an amazing mix of art and historic cars. Visitors love exploring the diverse displays that celebrate both art and automotive history.



From Siciliy to Paris

Jean Sébastien Aprile, the father in-law of the museum founder Alain Cerf, was born in Syracuse Sicily. He moved with his parents at a young age to Montmartre in Paris. Here, Jean discovered his passion and knack for lithography. He began his artistic career working on circus posters, some of which he designed himself, showcasing his burgeoning talent for capturing attention through vibrant art.

art exhibit at Tampa Bay Automobile Museum near St Pete, FL

Career Highlights and Collaborations

His last job was with Bedos In Paris, but throughout his career, he developed a friendship with many designers and artists such as Kees Van Dongen, and Raoul Duffy. Jean was instrumental in helping these artists translate their sketches into lithographs, initially transferring the images first to stone and then to a plate of zinc. This meticulous process, which Jean made look deceptively simple, highlights the complexities and artistic skill involved in lithographic printing during that time.

art exhibit at Tampa Bay Automobile Museum near St Pete, FL

Visit the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum

The Vintage Posters & Lithograph Exhibit at the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum is a testament to Jean Sébastien Aprile's enduring legacy as a lithographer. It provides an in-depth look at his life and works, making it a key cultural attraction in the St Pete/Tampa Bay Clearwater area. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this exquisite blend of art and history.


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