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1951 Reyonnah Prototype Acquisition!

New car alert! We have recently added a new car to our collection: a 1951 Reyonnah 175 Prototype. Created by Robert Hannoyer in France, the Reyonnah was designed to be able to fit into small spaces. Built in post World War II France, this car definitely embodies its time period as it was built with fuel efficiency in mind and minimal materials.

The unique thing about our example is that our Reyonnah is the prototype model. This means that this car was tweaked before the final product went into production. Ultimately, the Reyonnah would be produced for only a few years, from 1951 to 1954. However, this car was definitely a unique innovation within the automotive world as its front wheels could be folded up underneath the car. This feature allowed for drivers to park in smaller spaces or have the vehicle take up less space when stored. The lack of a manufacturer backing this project forced Hannoyer to shelve the project after producing 16 cars by 1954.

Everyone here at the museum is excited to get this latest acquisition to its new home! Upon arrival, our Reyonnah will undergo our restoration procses, bringing it back to how it originally looked in 1951. We will continue to update you through this process and cannot wait to share the history of this vehicle to musuem goers very soon!

For more information on our 1951 Reyonnah Prototype, check out its collection page here. Additionally, for more information about Reyonnah in general, check out its Wikipedia page.


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