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Tracta A and Alpine 110 at the 2024 St. Petersburg Festivals of Speed

The Tampa Bay Automobile Museum brought a bit of history to the Festivals of Speed. Set against the backdrop Vinoy Park in St. Petersburg, FL, this museum's display took center stage, unveiling two iconic cars that left enthusiasts in awe.

The 1929 TRACTA A shines at the Festivals of Speed:

At Festivals of Speed, the spotlight shone brightly on the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum's jewel – the 1929 TRACTA A. Crafted exclusively for the Le Mans competition, this racing marvel, with only four in existence, showcased its prowess on the tracks driven by Valon and Grégoire. The Tracta A, a historic participant in both the 1929 and 1930 races, captured the essence of a bygone era. With a purpose-built four-speed gearbox, overdrive, and a top speed of 140 km/hour (90 mph), this car not only conquered Le Mans but also made iconic appearances in Belgium and Spain.

The 1974 RENAULT ALPINE A110 1600 VD:

Complementing this historic journey was the 1974 RENAULT ALPINE A110 1600 VD. This petite, rear-engined marvel, based on Renault mechanics and adorned with fiberglass allure, stood as a beacon of potent performance, nimble handling, and rare beauty.

The Tampa Bay Automobile Museum stands as a testament to the enduring magic that unfolds when history, elegance, and automotive excellence converge.


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