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Your contribution can make a significant impact on our ability to provide a unique and enriching experience to our online audience. We are currently seeking donations of documents, photos, information, parts, and cars related to engineering that can enhance our museum's website. By donating to our online collection, you'll help us expand our virtual exhibits and contribute to the preservation and dissemination of engineering knowledge to a wider audience.

Whether you have digital copies of technical manuals, blueprints, design sketches, historical photographs, or physical parts and vehicles that can be documented and showcased online, your contribution will be highly valued. Donations like yours allow us to offer a comprehensive and diverse representation of engineering achievements in the automotive industry to our website visitors.

Thank you for considering supporting the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum. Your generosity and commitment to preserving automotive engineering history will have a lasting impact on our website and the online visitors we serve. Together, we can further our mission of showcasing the remarkable achievements of engineering in the automotive industry.




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 club for Tatra owners and those with an interest in the marque


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