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Museum Peeks: Our New YouTube Series

ecently, we have started a new YouTube series on the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum YouTube channel. Called Museum Peeks, this series aims to give an overview of every car in our collection. This includes history behind the car and a test drive. One of Museum Peeks objectives is to showcase the creativity and ingenuity behind each vehicle to our viewers.

Our first video in the series features the 1932 Citroën Half-Track in all of its glory. It gave a look into the great deal of history behind this vehicle and showed us footage of the half-track in action. The second, featuring our 1965 AWD Mustang, presents a fresh test drive for the car and an extensive photoshoot.

While Museum Peeks does not give an extensive backstory behind each car (that can be learned within the museum)., we hope by producing this series we are able to introduce viewers to each car and invite them to ask questions and learn more. Overall, Museum Peeks has a lofty goal of featuring every car within the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum’s collection. By providing this series to the public, we strive to educate current and future guests of the museum and car enthusiasts around the world. You can check out our YouTube page and watch our videos at Tampa Bay Automobile Museum. Additionally, we post on Facebook and Instagram every time we upload new content to the channel.


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