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Production Years

1908- Unknown


Great Britain

Number Produced



Dr Frederick Lanchester , William T. Collins , Charles Yale Knight

The 1909 Daimler TB22 Drophead, crafted in the elegance of its time, is a distinguished automotive relic with a unique history. Assembled in 1909, this vehicle boasts an exquisite body design by Hewers Car Bodies Ltd. of Coventry, showcasing the artistry of the early 20th century.

Notably, 'H 6779' stands as the oldest fully intact specimen of the Knight sleeve valve-engined Daimler. Originally unveiled by the British manufacturer in September 1908, the Knight engine's remarkable quietness left a lasting impression on Daimler. This influence led to the abandonment of poppet-valve models by the end of 1908, making this 1909 model an exclusive sleeve valve offering.

In 1909, Daimler introduced three models in the range, including the TB22, making our car exceptionally rare. Remarkably, it is one of only three TB22 examples in existence, and the sole complete one known. The other two incomplete TB22 models are located in Australia, further solidifying the uniqueness of our vehicle as the earliest and only complete TB22.

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