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Aerodynamic Aluminum Body, Air-Cooled Engine

Production Years



United States

Number Produced

Approx. 150,000


John Wilkinson, Herbert H. Franklin

The 1917 Franklin 9A, one of only three remaining, was handcrafted in Syracuse, New York. This vintage beauty features an air-cooled, inline 6-cylinder engine designed by the visionary John Wilkinson. With an ash wood frame and an aerodynamic aluminum body, the Franklin 9A weighs a mere 2745 pounds, approximately half the weight of its competitors. Renowned for its exceptional comfort, superior handling, reliability, and impressive fuel economy (40.3 miles to the gallon), this model offers a driving experience like no other.

The combination of large windows and a slanting V front glass provides unparalleled visibility among enclosed cars. Front seats, designed in the Pullman style, offer adjustable fore and aft positioning, tilt forward, and swivel – ensuring a luxurious driving experience. Access to all seats is granted through the wide center door on each side, enhancing the car's accessibility.

The Franklin Automobile Company, a trailblazer in American automotive history, operated from 1902 to 1934 in Syracuse, New York. Founded by Herbert H. Franklin, the company's journey began in 1901 when Franklin collaborated with engineer John Wilkinson to develop an innovative air-cooled engine. Under Wilkinson's leadership as chief engineer, the Franklin Automobile Company became a beacon of innovation.

Franklin earned the moniker "The Car Beautiful" and stood as a luxury car, competing with other upscale automobiles of its time. Unfortunately, the Great Depression took its toll on many luxury car manufacturers, including Franklin. Despite its challenges, the company proudly sold approximately 150,000 cars over more than 30 years, leaving an indelible mark on the automotive landscape.

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