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Production Years

1930 - 1931



Number Produced



Jean Albert Gregoire

The 1930 TRACTA E boasts a front-wheel-drive configuration with a mid-engine 2.7-liter Inline 6 Cylinder. As the sole surviving coupe, it has been meticulously restored to its original specifications, highlighting its impressive stance.

In 1930, the French Tracta A sports car, masterfully steered by designer Jean Albert Grégoire, claimed victory in the one-liter class at the Le Mans 24-hour race in France. This triumph solidified its status as one of the premier front-wheel-drive designs of its time. Amidst other front-wheel-drive cars in Europe and the USA, Gregoire's Tracta design stood out for its exceptional durability.

Our 1930 Tracta E, equipped with a substantially larger 2.7-liter Continental six-cylinder engine and featuring the same Tracta front-drive constant velocity (CV) joints, has an odometer reading of just 60,000 original miles, preserving its historical authenticity. The only other known Tracta E, a roadster with a replica body by Chapron commissioned later by Gregoire, is housed in the Pechiney Collection at the Le Mans museum in France.

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