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Charles Yale Knight

Introduced at the Paris Motor Show in October 1936, the Panhard et Levassor Dynamic is a remarkable embodiment of modern automotive engineering. This exceptional car showcases an advanced electrically welded steel unibody in Art Deco style, enriched with intricate matching details in cast aluminum and metal stampings, both inside and out. Its fully independent front torsion bar suspension, featuring engine-mounted wishbones and four hydraulic shock absorbers, contributes to its outstanding performance.

Boasting powerful double-circuit brakes with Panhard drums and shoes, each spanning 340 degrees per wheel, the Panhard Dynamic seamlessly blends form and function. Notably, it holds the distinction of being the final production automobile with the Knight sleeve valve engine, powered by a 2,861 c.c. inline 6-cylinder Sleeve Valve engine. The transmission system, a 4-speed manual with a free-wheel feature, enhances the overall driving experience of this exceptional vehicle.

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