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FOX 13’s Mariah Harrison Reports from the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum

Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting FOX 13’s Mariah Harrison at the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum. As she stepped into our world, Mariah’s enthusiasm was palpable, capturing the essence of what makes our museum a true gem in Tampa Bay. Her report highlighted the depth and diversity of our collection, as well as the exciting developments happening under our new director, Daniel Carpenter.

A Journey Through Time

Mariah took our viewers on a journey through automotive history, showcasing our expansive collection of over 80 cars. She marveled at our 16 one-of-a-kind vehicles, emphasizing how these rare prototypes and models span nearly a century of innovation, from 1899 to 1988. Her excitement mirrored that of our visitors, who are often amazed by the unique pieces we have on display.

Insights from Our New Director

During her visit, Mariah interviewed our new director, Daniel Carpenter, whose passion for cars is infectious. Daniel shared his love for the design, color, and history of automobiles, providing viewers with a glimpse into the meticulous care and dedication that goes into maintaining our collection. He highlighted the international scope of our cars, particularly our French models, reflecting the heritage of our founders, the Cerf family.

The Visitor Experience

Mariah’s report also captured the visitor experience, showcasing the meticulous work of our restoration team. She highlighted that all our vehicles are road-ready, thanks to their exceptional efforts. Viewers saw Mariah enjoying a ride in the Milburn Electric, one of our many treasures, demonstrating the living history we offer to guests of all ages.

Upcoming Events

Mariah provided details about our upcoming event, "An Evening with the Collectors," generating excitement among viewers. She explained that this event is a rare opportunity for the public to meet the Cerf family and explore our collection up close.

We are grateful to Mariah and FOX 13 for their wonderful feature and invite everyone to visit and experience the magic of the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum for themselves!


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