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The 1951 Reyonnah 175 Prototype: A Compact and Innovative Car of its Time.

The 1951 Reyonnah 175 Prototype was a small, unconventional car designed by Robert Hannoyer in France. It could seat two passengers in tandem, one behind the other, similar to a motorcycle. The car featured a clever design where the front wheels could fold inwards, allowing it to fit into tight parking spaces, but for driving, they folded out to provide stability.

It was powered by a single-cylinder engine, which came from either AMC or Ydral, with engine capacities ranging from 175 cc to 125 cc. This engine powered the rear axle through a three-speed manual gearbox and a chain drive mechanism. the car sent its power to the rear wheels through a three-speed manual gearbox and a chain drive. This efficient setup was a response to the scarcity of gas and materials in post-war France, making the Reyonnah a product of its time.

Despite its innovative design and practicality, the Reyonnah 175 never went into widescale production. The lack of a manufacturer willing to take on the project led to its discontinuation. Nonetheless, the Reyonnah 175 Prototype remains an intriguing piece of automotive history, showcasing the resourcefulness and forward-thinking engineering of its era.

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