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Things to Do in St Pete on a Rainy Day: Explore the Indoors

rainy day

Whether the rain is pouring down or the summer heat is too much to handle, St. Petersburg offers a plethora of indoor activities to keep you entertained. In this guide, we'll explore some fantastic options with things to do in St. Pete on a rainy day. So, grab your umbrella and get ready for a day filled with exploration, relaxation, and perhaps a touch of automotive history.


1. Tampa Bay Automobile Museum: A Unique Rainy Day Escape Start your indoor adventure with a visit to the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum. Nestled in the heart of Pinellas County, this haven of automotive engineering innovations showcases a remarkable collection of vehicles that will captivate automotive history and engineering enthusiasts alike. Explore the rare and many one-of-a-kind vehicles on display and delve into the rich history of the automobile industry. It's an ideal spot for both families and individuals while staying dry.

2. Museum Marvels: Art, History, and More St. Pete boasts a diverse array of museums that cater to various interests. Dive into the surreal world of Salvador Dali at the Dali Museum, explore the fascinating exhibits at the Museum of Fine Arts, or gain insights into history at the Florida Holocaust Museum. With options like the Imagine Museum, Chihuly Collection, and Fairgrounds St. Pete, you can easily fill your rainy day with culture and knowledge.


3. Craft Beer Havens: Sip Away the Rain Take refuge from the rain in St. Pete's vibrant brewery scene. 3 Daughters Brewing offers a family-friendly environment with games and live music. Downtown options like Cycle Brewing, St. Pete Brewing, and Overflow Brewing provide a cozy atmosphere and fantastic beer selections. Don't forget to check out PAW (Pinellas Ale Works) for a dog-friendly experience. Sipping on craft beer is a great way to turn a gloomy day into a cheerful one.

4. Entertainment Extravaganza: Live Music, Shows, and Movies Rainy days are perfect for immersing yourself in live performances and cinematic wonders. Catch a show at the beautifully restored Floridian Social Club or enjoy daily live music at Ruby's Elixir. Check out the lineup at The Mahaffey Theatre for a diverse range of performances. If you're a movie buff, AMC Sundial and CMX Cinemas offer a comfortable retreat with great films and amenities.

5. Active Escapes: Exercise Your Options Whether you're an athlete or just looking to stay active, St. Pete has you covered. Watch an indoor game with the Rays at The Trop, try parkour at Jungle Gym Ninja, conquer indoor rock climbing at Vertical Ventures, or unleash your inner lumberjack at Hatchet Hangout. For a more laid-back experience, enjoy card and arcade games at Right Around The Corner or a few rounds of bowling at Sunrise Lanes or Ten Pin Lanes in Pasadena.

6. Artistic Endeavors: Unleash Your Creativity Get your hands dirty and let your artistic side shine. Visit Practically Pikasso for pottery painting, learn pottery spinning at the Clay Center, discover the art of glassblowing at Zen Glass, or join a painting class at Painting With A Twist. These activities offer a perfect blend of creativity and relaxation for a rainy day.

7. Nourish the Body and Soul: Self-Care in St. Pete Take care of yourself with a variety of self-care options in St. Pete. Engage in yoga and fitness classes at The Body Electric Yoga and Athletic Companies, pamper yourself with facial treatments at Maison Glo, enjoy hot yoga at Sun State Yoga, or float in serene salt pools at St. Pete Salt Works. These activities provide a holistic approach to wellness on a rainy day.

8. Kid-Friendly Indoor Adventures For families with little ones, St. Pete has an array of indoor activities to keep the kids entertained. Explore the Great Explorations Children’s Museum, join indoor play classes at Romp n’ Roll St. Pete, discover marine life at Tampa Bay Watch Discovery Center, or try pottery painting at Practically Pikasso. If you're up for a short drive, SkyZone Clearwaterk and Treasure Island Fun Center offer exciting experiences for the whole family.

A Rainy Day Well Spent in St. Pete From automotive wonders at the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum to cultural explorations in museums, craft beer havens, live entertainment, active escapes, artistic endeavors, and self-care options, St. Pete has it all for a rainy day adventure. Embrace the indoor delights of this vibrant city, and let the rain become the backdrop to a day filled with memorable experiences. Next time the weather takes a turn, don't let it dampen your spirits—head to St. Pete for a day of indoor fun!


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